What does Your Nokia Ringtone Reveal

nokia lumia 930

Nokia being one of the top and recognized brand of cell phone was all of sudden vanished from the Phone market since the revolution of other companies revolving around them providing with better opportunities to people like advanced feature, great shape, and better ringtones. Regardless of these circumstances Nokia always stayed in minds of people who used Nokia before any other company.

The best and a plus point for this solely brand has always been the Nokia ringtones they provided for their users, it catered all the aspects of music in just one sound which was played when someone receives a call or a text message. These Nokia ringtones secretly described a person’s taste and interest.

The demand for Nokia tunes increased at a time when Nokia stopped releasing any other ringtone, except the previous ones already running into the market. People used to pay to get a specified ringtone which costed them a huge amount. With the advancement in ringtone industry, there are now many free websites which provide you with different sort of Nokia ringtones compatible to your handset whether you are using a Nokia or any other brands Phone. You can still enjoy your favorite Nokia Ringtone.

As Nokia tend to make a step further again into the cell Phone market with the release of its old but new cell phone model, we are awaiting our customers to serve with new and latest Ringtones for Nokia which can be downloaded for free from our website.

Australia Nationally Recognized Online Real Estate Education

Becoming a real estate agent or broker is increasingly becoming lucrative because real estate industry is an area with more potential that remains untapped. One of the driving factors of the real estate industry is the increase in the population which puts pressure on the existing housing. That is to mean that, in most times the demand for housing outweighs the supply.

One of the main benefits associated with the real estate job is that there is unlimited income potential, it’s also the main reason why I decided to get a real estate license. You can simply start by selling homes of low value and then with a great reputation built over the years, you can ascend to selling high-value properties. Of course with a high-value property, it means you will earn more. You can even use your earnings to set up a small business and earn even more.

study online

Another great advantage of the real estate job is that it is flexible; you mostly work on your set schedules. Because of this flexibility, you can find time to engage in other businesses or other activities such as social activities.

Jobs opportunities in real estate industry

  1. Commercial Real Estate Sales
  2. Residential Real Estate Broker

III. Real Estate Appraisal

  1. Property Management
  2. Real estate investor

Initially, in Australia like in other places, most of the jobs attached to real estate did not require qualifications. All you needed was just some few personal skills to convince the customer to buy or rent a property. Because of the need to streamline the activities and professionalize the real estate industry, there have been various changes implemented over the years. One of them is having educational qualifications for the real estate jobs.

There are a number of recognized educational institutions offering real estate education in Australia. One thing that must be noted is that licensing qualifications tend to vary from state to state.That means you must be able to research which ones will meet your needs. Some of the institutions include; TAFE NSW, Validum Institute – Real Estate License & Property Management Courses and etc…. The other institutions are recognized by technical and further education (TAFE) body, meaning they are licensed to provide real estate courses. You all know how earning a fake certificate from an unlicensed and unregulated institution can be a nightmare for your career development.

Online real estate education is offered by the institutions aforementioned and others not listed here apart from the school-based learning offered. The benefits of online education cannot be overstated here. There are a few free online real estate courses offered from top universities. All you need is to contact them to find out how to apply for the enrolment.

Initially, face to face education was preferred but with the improved technology, improving user experience, the reputation of online learning has continued to improve greatly.

In fact, as per now there are millions of students, either enrolled in full time or part-time online courses. One of the main advantages of online real estate education is that it costs lower. For example, most of the learning resources are found online, there will be no need for textbooks and other hard copies of learning materials. Additionally, the commuting cost is done away with.

The other great advantage is that online real estate education is that the learning happens within a more comfortable environment for you. Learning materials are availed to you electronically; you can read and perform and submit tasks online. That means there will be no need to deal with annoying traffic jams, leave work early or even miss the equally crucial family time.

Why I Decided to Get a Real Estate License

Real Estate is an ever-progressing field where self-progression guarantees a promising future in the field. Even if you are already a real estate professional, the doors to upgrading are always there for you to excel. I have always looked for great business opportunities to supplement my career and have found the best ones in real estate business. Since then, I have always seen myself doing something great in real estate business. Getting a real estate agent license has a series of attractive advantages. One of them is that you can easily sell real estate without having to work through with an intermediate agency. Also, you become licensed to fully run and manage your own real estate. I decided to go for the exam to get Real Estate License.

real estate courses education

Enrolling for the Real Estate Courses.

It is actually quite easy to enroll for the course because anyone can take it. This involved enrolling for real estate course at Real Estate Institute Queensland. There are a number of courses offered open book and take-home exams. You can either take any one of them or take them all as a Full License Course.

Property Management Course

  • Property block management course is fundamental real estate course. It helps you:
  • In understanding property listings
  • To develop competency for an effective communication.
  • Gain thorough knowledge of the Australian property legislation.
  • Gain valuable information about cycles of property management
  • To resolve property disputes of any kind

If you have prior legislation knowledge, it will prove to be useful. However, the course itself provides a detailed account of property legislation.

Finance Course

Finance course provides detailed financial know-how. At the same time, it enables you to appear as a full-fledged real estate agent capable of operating independently either by managing a real estate agency or negotiating contractor agreements. As finances form an integral part of real estate business, gaining proficiency in this course is specifically important.

Salesperson Course

Salesperson Course is what sets you up for the real estate market. The competencies to attain in the Real Estate field are varied and extended to cater all or every kind of expertise. This course fundamentally equips you to be able to sell your property by auction. The properties may include vacant lands, dwellings, businesses or community title lots.

Technology and Marketing Course

Today’s real estate business is inherently linked with technology. This course equipped me with learning about:

  • Property marketing
  • Implementing marketing principles for management
  • Valuable information on how to develop social media marketing for real estate business
  • And how to create a digital footprint

I particularly loved this course, simply because it talks about making your mark in the world of online marketing for your real estate business.

It seems quite daunting at first but getting a QLD real estate license is not as tough as it is made out to be. The instructors are very cooperative and I actually had a good time in all the real estate courses I took. It all boils down to one thing, however; you don’t have to give up. You can totally get the real estate license if real estate is your life goal.

News on Setting Up a Small Business

How you choose to structure small business – whether it is a home decorating business, local handyman shop or senior assisted living community – can have a major impact on your taxes, retirement saving options, liability and the ability to grow through new hires and additional business partners.

Discuss your business structure and your personal goals with a financial advisor so that you are clear on the impacts of your choice.

Sole Proprietor

Easy to establish and also dissolve, a sole proprietorship is the most common small business formation choice. A sole proprietorship indicates that you work alone and thus have complete control of your business and its profits. But it also means that you face complete liability for the business: your personal and other assets may be at risk in any litigation or bankruptcy. Sole proprietors may be required to have various city or state business licenses. This business structure may be helpful for those with more than one source of income (such as a full-time job and a sole proprietorship for other business activities).


If you and one or more partners plan to share ownership of a business, you will need to draw up a legal agreement outlining the partnership’s terms. You will also see the profits from the business flow to personal tax returns. Who owns what percentage of the business? Who is contributing to startup capital? Who is responsible for what kinds of decisions or business activities? Who makes other outsiders eligible to join your partnership, and what value is assigned to the stakes than partners hold in the venture in the event of exits or buyouts? Typically, partners are liable for the actions of other partners and must share profits and resolve conflicts.

Limited Partnership (LLP)

In these partnerships, each partner’s liability is limited in a proportion of his investment in the business. Input and control of management are also proportional to investment in the business. Service and real estate businesses often opt for these partnerships. Partner’s liability for debts is limited, depending on their role in management decision making. Setup of a limited partnership can be more expensive than other partnership types, and some partners in the partnership will be responsible for the business debt.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The LLC is available in most states and is a hybrid type of business permitting limited liability associated with a corporation and flexible features of partnerships. Forming an LLC can be complex, but advantages include than owners have limited responsibility for debts (even if they are in management) and business profits and losses can be assigned disproportionally to owner’s stakes in the business. LLC is simple for a sole proprietor to use, and to allow for flexibility about how the LLC pays its taxes.